OpenHierarchy 1.2.5 changelog

The list below includes all of the significant changes in version 1.2.5 since the last official release which was 1.2.4.

- Minor fix in invitation DB script
- Fixed minor bug in User and Group Handlers.
- Minor fix in PageAdminModule
- Changed addInstance method in SystemInstanceHandler to return if the current instance is already registered
- Added support in StaticContentModule for registering in the GlobalInstanceHandler
- Added getModuleContentURL method to StaticContentModule to avoid static paths in XSL stylesheets
- Changed module and section attribute value size to 4096 from 255
- Minor change in createTextField template in Common.xsl
- DAO changes due to changes in StandardUtils
- Added getIDsByAttribute to AttributeDAO
- Moved attribute handler creation to getAttributeHandler from implementation AttributeDAO
- Added word-wrap-break CSS class
- Added AddUpdateDeleteAccessFilter