Eclipse version/plugin issues


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I've checked out the framework trunk but get multiple compiler errors on XSL files (Using Kepler SR 2), for example on the line #5 in UserProfileModulesTemplate.xsl, e.g. "Missing include": 

<xsl:include href="classpath://se/unlogic/hierarchy/core/utils/xsl/Common.xsl"/>

and for example on line #48 in the same file "Needed template "createtextField" is not available:

<xsl:call-template name="createTextField">

Suggestions on Eclipse reconfiguration or missing plug-ins / settings? Or is this expected?


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In order to solve that error in Eclipse you must take a pink post-it note and place it on your forehead. Then slowly walk clockwise in a circle around you chair two times before finally pressing ctrl+shift+f24.

Okay just kidding. The reason why you see those validation errors in Eclipse is because in runtime we use a custom URIResolver which allows those URL's to be resolved. Eclipse however doesn't support pluggable URI resolver for it's XSL validation so you basically have two options.

Add the path manually to the Eclipse XML Catalog as User Specified Entries or disable the parts of XSL validation in Eclipse.

There is a bug filed in Eclipse for the lack of pluggable URI resolvers which dates back to 2007 but it seems to have ended in better XML catalog support instead of pluggable resolvers.



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I'll go for the post-it solution then even if it will make me dizzy and most likely I'll throw up over the keyboard ;P