Project dependency configuration & third-party libraries


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Is there a reason why the project is setup with sub-project dependencies on third-party libraries instead of jar dependencies? To me this would reflect that (potentially modified versions) of the libraries are used when I would expect unmodified binaries of the third-party libs. However, I could not find any information regarding which version of the third party libraries is expected which is confusing since this will affect API dependencies on the .class files. Only URLs to the libs are supplied on without CM info. 


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This is a good point ekcoh. The current version of the libraries used are available always from the following path in the utils repository:


We should probably mention that in the documentation somewhere. The reason why all libraries are wrapped in projects instead of pointing to specific filenames is to simplify upgrades. When you have hundreds of projects depending of these libraries, updating each project manually to point to a new filename gets boring pretty quick.

None of the libraries are modified in any way they are just kept in that repository in order to have a copy of the current version in use.


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That's why you use Ant or similar "make" solutions to get rid of that issue, but since it looks like you do not use that for this problem I can get the libs and reorganize the dependency chain myself. Thanks for the quick reply. 

It would be neat if Eclipse supported remote sub-projects natively. Still miss hierarchical builds in the Eclipse Java world, which is pretty convenient in Eclipse CDT (C/C++) using make or qmake and sub-folders. Terrible to maintain though :)


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The defacto standard in the Java world for project management with support for hierarchical dependencies is Maven and Eclipse has full support for Maven projects since quite some time. Most prominent open source Java is using Maven and publicly published through Maven Central. I think it would be beneficial for OpenHierarchy and users to adopt this industry standard.

I have a working conversion of 1.2.0 for my own purposes here: