OpenHiearchy features are continiously being enhanced and extended.

Some high level core features are;


Platform Independent

- Deploy and move your OpenHierarchy powered web application between platforms


Open Source

- Build your open or proprietary solution on top of OpenHierarcy under the LGPLv3 license.



- Add ready to go modules from a growing repository or implement your own business logic



- Rely on framework exception handling and logging and append any event from your modules to the system log


Manageable at Runtime

- Add, update, remove, start, configure and stop sections and modules without system downtime


Content Management

- Edit your web pages on site in a WYSIWYG text editor in a way common to Microsoft Word, OpenOffice and other desktop editors



- Embed videos and let your users stream them and other content on your site from YouTube or other Content Delivery Networks


Dynamic Presentation

- Transform and present your information in various formats